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Signature Programs

The AmeriHealth Caritas Partnership offers a variety of outreach programs to help vulnerable, underserved communities:

  • Adopt healthier habits and lifestyles.
  • Better prevent or manage chronic diseases.
  • Connect residents with the tools, guidance, and resources they need.

Learn more about the different ways we can partner with you in your community:

coach with kids

Healthy Hoops®

Our award-winning Healthy Hoops program uses basketball to teach children ages 3 to 18 and their families how to understand, manage, and treat asthma and related health conditions.

Learn more about Healthy Hoops
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Health Empowerment Tour

With Health Empowerment Tour, we teach people of all ages how to live a healthier life. From health screenings to workshops on a variety of mental and physical health topics, we encourage whole-person wellness.

Learn more about Health Empowerment Tour

Come work with us

Whether you (or your organization) want to partner or volunteer with us, or you want to attend an event, we’d love to hear from you.

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coach with kids

Professional development

As a part of Healthy Hoops, we offer a variety of professional development courses to give local coaches and health care and child care providers the tools they need to support children with asthma.

Learn more about professional development
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The Power of Partnerships

With our Power of Partnerships events, we bring community leaders and organizations together to explore how best to connect residents with the health resources they need, creating lasting improvements in overall community health.

Learn more about Power of Partnerships