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About Us

woman helping a family

Founded in 2011, AmeriHealth Caritas Partnership promotes health outreach to vulnerable and underserved communities across the country. Our award-winning, evidence-based programs teach healthy behaviors and healthy lifestyles, helping to:

  • Improve quality of life in disadvantaged communities.
  • Manage and prevent chronic diseases.
  • Reduce health disparities and improve health equity.

We work with community stakeholders, providers, and other nonprofits to address the health issues these neighborhoods face every day. We also partner with academic organizations to research and evaluate our programs, making sure we’re delivering the most effective outcomes.

Want to get involved? Contact us to learn more or view our events calendar.

Board of directors

Chairman of the Board, Christopher Drumm
Vice Chair, Dr. Andrea Gelzer
Treasurer, Steve Bohner
Board Member, Karen Dale
Board Member, Rebecca Engelman

a group of women jogging

Signature programs

You might have heard of Healthy Hoops®, our innovative program that uses basketball to teach children and their families how to better understand and manage asthma. But that’s not all we do. We offer a variety of wellness programs, community resources, and professional development opportunities to help build healthy communities.

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kids playing basketball with a coach

With programs like Healthy Hoops, we teach healthy lifestyles and disease management for people of all ages.

Our national footprint

We’re a national organization with a local focus. We want to bring health awareness education and activities to the communities that need it, no matter where they are.

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